Website Design

No website, no customers.

If I can’t “Google” your company – you don’t exist.  If you aren’t on Google Maps when I’m searching for a service, then I’ll NEVER end up at your business.  If it’s not easily accessible online, then it’s never accessible in the real world (to my generation).  There is no more billboard, no more Yellow Pages, no more traditional advertising.  We can show you constant examples of this phenomena in real life.  Any business, any industry – everyone needs an EFFECTIVE website.  Take our experience, our knowledge, and our record and trust us with this valuable asset.

Best Practices

Web design companies are becoming a-dime-a-dozen.  Most tech-savvy people can whip up a pretty page, that contains basic information and may even be SEO friendly.  However, the distinction between an excellent website design and a mediocre one is hard for the naked eye to discern.  However, at New Image Solutions, our website design team is comprised of experts in their relative fields – this isn’t a one-guy-knows-everything type of solution.  We give you the best possible pool of talent to help with your website weaknesses.  Our quality will be apparent when your customer base begins growing based off internet results.  You can trust that all the ‘less tangible’ improvements, features and other content that makes your website internet-friendly will be the object of our passion!  We strive to create you a dynamic, catching, SEO friendly site without cutting any corners.


Yes, this quality comes at a cost – but your cost will be offset by your visibility to an internet generation!  There are so many features and functionality that a website can posses – so much more than we can see at first glance.  New Image Solutions will try to demonstrate these features to you, and correlate to how they add tremendous value to your website.  You won’t regret your choice to have the pros at NIS make your online presence a tremendous success.