Infrastructure Improvement

Server Recommendations

Computers can be complicated.  Knowing just what hardware specifications your application requires can be daunting.  Knowing what you need to be prepared for can be impossible.  We can help offer you experience, knowledge and guidance in this process of selecting the right hardware.  We will find the right solution for you!

Hosting Recommendations

Having hosted many websites with various providers, we can assist you in filtering out all the noise.  We know that the cheapest rate isn’t necessarily the best investment.  We’ll gladly help you find what’s right for your company, your product and your needs!

Backup plans

A backup plan isn’t merely copying and pasting your ‘critical’ data to a different folder on your computer.  It’s about redundancy, security, geography and more!  Ever had a hard-drive full of priceless data crash?  Computers are purely mechanical devices and hardware failure is guaranteed over time.  Let us help you prepare for the inevitable.  We suggest solutions that fit your style and budget.

Server Cleanup and configuration

Did you change that one setting, just for this one thing, just for a sec?  Did that change ever get reverted?  Have you ever haphazardly installed some piece of software because you needed an immediate fix in a “production-down” situation?  Did you ever uninstall it?  Are you OS, application and server settings consistent across all your environments?  We can help you manage this frequent problem.  We’ll help you decide what software and services really need to be running, come up with plans to ensure consistency across environments, and do whatever it takes to bring back your servers to full performance.