Data and Network Security

Data Security

All you data should be secure.  All your laptops should have an encryption solution.  Even your primary data stores should have very active and effective access controls.  We know what’s best for your business and your employees.

All you customer data containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should be encrypted.  If you aren’t encrypting PII, then you are just asking for the lawsuit when someone in your company makes an innocent mistake – thereby exposing customer data.  We help show you methods and technologies that will make encryption seamless, painless and quick – while being manageable.

Infrastructure Security

Beyond physical security, there are many ‘virtual’ security gaps that a company or software application can have.  Network security is a common area that companies don’t appropriately lock-down.  However, even software can have passwords in plain-text.  Certain processes can pass unencrypted PII.  There are many holes…and many weak links…we will help you bolster the security of your systems.