Not Ordinary Consultants!

Experience the “New Image Solution” difference!

New Image Solutions desires to partner with you in your business ventures.  We believe we can offer value to your company far above other typical consultancies.

  • We aren’t just in this for the money.
  • We aren’t interested in a non-existing relationship similar to  “you tell us your needs, we give you a solution, and we never talk again” type of interaction.
  • We aren’t “yes men”, we will not always agree for the sake of making customers feel good.  Healthy discussion results.

What we will do is the following:

  • We will try to find out as much as possible about the goals of your products, company and your vision.  This leads to “better-fit” solutions.
  • We will find the best solution for your business and particular situation as you inform us about your problem domain and related issues.
  • We will work with you as long as you’re willing to work with us.  We put tremendous value on long-term relationships with accountability.
  • We will think critically about your problem(s) and many potential solutions.

That being said, due to the desired nature of our relationship, we try to screen our clients to ensure that we’ll both be happy in the long run.  If New Image Solutions doesn’t feel like our relationship will be mutually beneficial in terms of value, duration, and communication, then we may try to help you find a better partner.

We also want to emphasize that we focus on providing VALUE to your business.  We strive to provide you long-term value that far exceeds the price of the services you’re receiving.  If, at any point, we feel like you’re paying us “in vain”, then we’ll have a discussion about the direction of the project.  It’s important to emphasize that this isn’t merely about the money.  We love taking on productive projects that provide clear value and benefit to end-users and our customers.

Find out more about us, then allow us to join your team and start a relationship today!