About Us

At New Image Solutions, LLC – we do work we love!  Steven, the founder of NIS, has an incredible passion for helping people.  He knows the ins and outs of the IT world from his many years of experience.  We aren’t ordinary consultants!

Steven began as a graphic designer, with a Bachelors in Computer Animation.  Websites were a passion of his, but he was stuck making simple, brochure-like websites.  Soon, due to necessity, it became time to learn programming.  He self-taught PHP, a common internet language.  This was the beginning of his development foray.

He began NIS once in 2006, but due to some organizational and business partner issues, it folded in an experience that would forever change Steven for the better.  The interaction with customers, building some websites for small companies, purchasing servers and equipment, etc….all gave him experience that he would otherwise be unable to attain.  Even in 2012 – experiences from this moment are still valuable today!

Out of college, Steven joined a Fortune 300 company doing tech-support.  He experienced large network management, Active Directory management, large-scale hardware deployments, imaging solutions, backup solutions, communication and security solutions, and more!  The time spent in the server room was priceless.  While there, he transitioned to become a .NET Developer.  This experience was necessary for him to be a more flexible and valuable company asset.  During the next two years, Steven would learn about Continuous Integration, change management, source-control and more!

From the big time – to a small business, Steven chose a company much closer to home, and with less than 50 employees!  It was a major environmental change, but it offered a variety of experiences and insights.  Funds weren’t nearly as ‘free’ and the red-tape was gone.  Steven got to see how much impact a single individual can have on a company’s bottom line.  A poor performer could really drag a team town, while an all-star could carry a product!  Here, Steven saw what an ‘agile’ development environment was like, what is was like to manage servers, maintain security on nationally used websites, preform load-testing/balancing, server monitoring, VM management and more!  He saw how developer productivity would be influenced by having Continuous Delivery – having a build server, using unit testing, UI testing, and the like!  He also got to maintain an older, legacy application, while also working on a new, well-architected, tested, SOLID, application which utilized all the principles he now supports!  That experience is what led him to start New Image Solutions.   He wanted to help other companies skyrocket their developer happiness, confidence and productivity.

This brings us to today.  After years of experience in numerous different environments, using applications of various purpose and scale, Steven brings his talents to your company in the form of New Image Solutions, LLC!  NIS is primarily relying on his work to propel the company, but his many connections made over the years allow NIS to provide a level of service, flexibility and customization that is hard to reach for most companies.  Steven gets to hand pick the cream-of-the-crop of people he has worked with in the past – ensuring your company gets results that will not only impress you, but will deliver solid results with excellence, typically exceeding your expectations, and definitely exceeding the quality of our competitors!

Our commitment to excellence, quality and impressive results is unsurpassed.